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Mother’s Submission- Chapter 20

“You’re really pregnant”, Monica asked in disbelief, Alicia giving a confirming nod. “And Alex is the father?” Again, Alicia just nodded in response. “What am I going to do”, Alicia asked, tears beginning to flow. “Alex won’t return my texts. He doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

“Everything will be alright”, Monica said, holding her friend as she cried. “He’s just hurt and angry right now. He’ll miss you and come back and makeup. That’s when you tell him about the baby.” “You really think he’ll come back”, Alicia asked through her tears. “I do. That boy loves you and it’s not the kind of love that gives up”, Monica said.

“I hope you’re right. I can’t raise this baby by myself. And I don’t know if I can live without Alex”, Alicia said. “You’re not by yourself”, Monica said. “You’ve got me to help, so don’t worry. And Alex will come back, just wait and see.”


At that moment, Alex was just sitting down to dinner. His aunt Polly had come home from work to find that he’d made dinner for her. “Smells delicious”, she said. “I can’t wait to dig in.” “To the food or me”, Alex said as he stepped closer and slid his hand under her business skirt, finding her pussy soaking wet.

“Both”, she said with a small moan as Alex’s fingers brushed over her wet, sensitive pussy lips. “Good. Go change into something more comfortable and hurry back” Alex said, sitting down. Ten minutes later, Polly came to the kitchen. She was wearing a sexy, black nightie that barely covered her ass and left plenty of cleavage on display.

“Damn, you look good”, Alex said and Polly smiled as she sat down. Just then, there was a knock at the door. “Who could that be”, Polly wondered aloud as Alex stood up. “I’ll go check. You start serving the food.”

Alex went to the front door and opened it to see Mike standing there. “Are you ready”, Alex asked and Mike nodded, although he looked unsure of himself. “Remember, power and confidence. You’re a strong attractive man and Polly would be lucky to have you. Don’t hesitate to take what you want” Alex said as he led Mike to the kitchen.

“Look who’s here”, Alex said and Polly looked up, her cheeks blushing a crimson red as she saw Mike. “Um, what are you doing here”, she asked as she, not so subtly, tried to cover her breasts. “Well, I met Alex earlier and he invited me over for dinner”, Mike said as he sat down.

Polly glared at Alex, clearly shocked that he would let anyone see her like this. “Wipe that look off your face”, Alex said firmly and, to her own surprise, Polly obeyed. “You are a beautiful woman and should never be embarrassed to show your body off.” “Yes sir”, Polly said, glancing over at Mike, who couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“Now, get us some drinks”, Alex said and Polly stood up, accidentally flashing Mike a glance of her shaved, wet cunt. She went over to the fridge and opened it. “The drinks are on the bottom shelf”, Alex said, knowing Polly would be forced to bend over to get them.

Sure enough, her cheeks burning red, Polly bent over to retrieve the drinks. Her nightie slid up and left her ass and pussy on full display. “See something you want, Mike”, Alex asked and Mike simply nodded. “Then go for it”, Alex said. Mike gulped and stood up, gathering his courage.

He walked over until he was just behind Polly and then, before he had the chance to chicken out, grabbed her ass cheek and gave it a firm squeeze. Polly yelped and couldn’t stop herself from letting out a small moan. “You see”, Alex said as he stood and walked over, “all they want is a man who is confident, knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to take it.”

“Isn’t that right”, Alex said as Polly stood back up, unable to meet Mike’s glance. She meekly nodded and handed Alex the drinks. Mike felt a bit more confident as they all sat back down. “I think you’re too covered up, slut”, Alex said as he looked at his aunt. “Take that nightie off.”

Polly couldn’t believe what she heard, but what stunned her more was how she responded. Almost as if it had a mind of its own, her body obeyed, pulling the garment off and tossing it on the floor, leaving her completely nude. Her pussy clenched and juices leaked down her leg as she saw both men staring at her hungrily.

“Now, serve the food”, Alex said and Polly began fixing the plates of food and setting them before each of the men. As they all began to eat, Alex saw that his aunt relaxed a little, although she was still a little self-conscious. And, occasionally, he saw her squirming on her chair.

“Why are you squirming so much”, Alex asked and Polly looked down, blushing. “Answer me”, Alex said and Polly looked up at him, her cheeks reddening. “It’s just, a little exciting to be sitting here naked, where you can both see me”, she said quietly. “Are you saying that it turns you on for men to see you nude, slut”, Alex asked, his voice strong and commanding.

Polly simply nodded in response, unable to force herself to say those words. “And I’ll bet your cunt is soaking wet, isn’t it”, Alex said, smiling when Polly’s blush deepened. “Mike, would you like to check and see if she’s wet”, Alex asked and Mike quickly nodded. “Then take what you want”, Alex said and Mike looked at Polly.

“Come here, slut”, he said, almost tripping over that last word. He’d always been taught to respect women and never use such language, but all that had gotten him was woman who wanted to be his friend. Now, as he used such a degrading term, he was pleasantly surprised when Polly, her sexy body on full display, stood and walked over to him.

Even from across the table, he could see the wetness glistening on her pussy. And, as she got closer, he could smell the aroma of her juices. Still, he wanted more, so, when she stood before him, he reached out and ran a finger down her labia. Polly gasped and moaned as a shock of pleasure went through her body, causing her to tremble and her legs to weaken.

Then, on a whim, Mike slid his finger inside her cunt, finding her g-spot and giving it a stroke. It was more than Polly could take and she moaned loudly and lewdly as her pussy clenched on Mike’s finger and her juices flowed from her gash. “I’d say she’s wet”, Mike said with a laugh as he held up his drenched hand.

“You seem to be having trouble standing. Why don’t you sit down”, Mike said, patting his lap. Polly immediately took the seat, realizing that she had no control over what happened tonight. But that thought turned her on more than anything ever had. Through the fabric of Mike’s pants, Polly could feel his erection and, without thinking, she began grinding her pussy against it.

“I think this slut needs something inside her”, Mike said, feeling much more confident now as he called her a slut again. “Then give it to her”, Alex said with a smile, his own dick beginning to stiffen. “I want to hear her say it”, Mike said and he grabbed Polly’s chin, forcing her to look into his eyes. “Tell me what you want, slut”, he said, his voice beginning to sound more firm.

“I want your dick”, she whispered and he shook his head. “Louder”, he said forcefully and she felt her pussy spasm. “I want your dick inside me”, she said again and Mike smiled. He’d waited two years to hear those words and now she’d finally said them.

He grabbed her by the waist as he stood, setting her on the table. “Spread that pussy for me”, Mike said as he undid his belt and freed his dick from the confines of his pants. Seven inches long and three inches wide, his dick sprang free, rigid and erect.

Polly’s eyes grew wide as she saw Mike’s cock, her fingers spreading her pussy wide. It wasn’t nearly as long as Alex’s, but it looked very thick. Mike rubbed his cock against Polly’s exposed clit, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Then he aimed his dickhead at her tight hole and thrust forward, burying his length in her.

Polly screamed out as her pussy exploded in orgasm, juices squirting all over Mike’s groin. He just moaned, part of him unable to believe that he was finally inside the nirvana of Polly’s cunt. As he started thrusting back and forth, she constantly moaned and occasionally cried out, her pussy consistently spasming from the assault of Mike’s dick.

Alex stood behind her and put a hand on her shoulder, forcing her to lay back on the table. Her head hung just off the side opposite Mike. “If you’re going to be that noisy, I’ll have to gag you”, Alex said and placed his dick against her lips. Polly eagerly opened her mouth, ready to receive her nephew’s taboo dick.

Alex slid his dick into his aunt’s mouth and down her throat, moaning as he watched her throat bulge. Mike watched in admiration as Alex started fucking his aunt’s throat as if it were another pussy. As for Polly, she didn’t have a single thought in her mind, so lost was she in the new heights of ecstasy that only come from having two big dicks buried inside you.

Soon, Alex and Mike got a rhythm going as they spit roasted Polly. Each time one thrust forward, the other pulled back. This way, her holes were constantly being pumped full of dick. Polly lost count of the orgasms she had, her pussy a fountain of nectar that was soaking Mike’s dick.

Mike could feel his own orgasm building and he started speeding up until he felt himself go over the edge. He grunted as he pumped spurt after spurt of pent up frustration deep inside Polly’s cunt. Within moments, Alex pulled out and exploded, his jizz covering her chest and face, a few strands landing in her hair.

“Switch holes”, Alex said and Mike happily moved around to Polly’s mouth. She whined a little until he slid his softening dick into her mouth. She could taste the strong flavor of her own juices, mixed with his seed, and that nearly sent her into orgasm again.

Alex, on the other hand, was still rock hard. He slid his large dick into his aunt’s well fucked pussy, his shaft entering her easily. She cried out around Mike’s cock as Alex filled her and pumped his dick in and out a few times before removing it. Then she felt his dickhead pressing against her anus and she knew what was coming.

Sure enough, within seconds, she could feel pressure on her asshole, even though she’d spent the day with a plug in, in order to prepare herself. As Alex’s dickhead penetrated her anus, Polly let out a small cry of pain around Mike’s cock, which was quickly stiffening again from Polly’s oral skills.

“Don’t think about it”, Alex said. “Focus on pleasing Mike. He’s going to be in charge of you from now on.” Polly’s eyes grew wide in surprise as she heard this. Mike was surprised to, but quickly accepted it. “That’s right, slut. From now on, you’re going to serve me and make me happy. Now, show me how happy you are to hear that.”

Polly thought for a moment, even as Alex pushed his dick deeper inside her ass. The thought of having someone be in charge of her, being, in essence, a sexual slave, flew in the face of everything she had ever believed as a feminist. And yet, as she had discovered over the past two days, nothing was sexier than a strong man telling her what to do. And the thought of belonging to Mike, possibly losing all of her freedom, made her pussy spasm and an orgasm erupt from inside her.

Polly began enthusiastically licking and sucking the dick in her mouth, eager to please her new master. “Good girl”, she heard Mike say and, somehow, the praise meant more to her than anything in her life ever had.

Alex smiled as he finally buried his shaft in his aunt’s thick ass. He was glad to know she would be happy, even if his own love life was still in shambles. “Best not to think of that right now”, he thought as he started sliding back and forth, his dick pumping in and out of his aunt’s tight rectum.


The next morning, Alex awoke in his aunt’s bed. Last night, after destroying his aunt’s asshole, the three of them had moved in here. Mike and Alex had spent the next several hours pumping each of Polly’s holes full of cum. And she’d loved every second of it, especially when Mike was in her ass and Alex was in her pussy.

Now, as Alex looked over, he could see Polly curled up against Mike, who slept with his arm over her, protecting her from the night. Alex smiled and then reached for his phone, realizing he hadn’t looked at it since he texted his mother yesterday.

“What the fuck”, he wondered when he saw that he had several missed messages from his mother. “Can’t she give me some space”, he said, but decided to open them anyway. “What in the hell”, he yelled as he read the texts, the color draining from his face.

To be continued…

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